The essence of zenZ is embodied in the 5 ‘E’ PRINCIPLES


 All zenZ homes deliver a quality build while maintaining an affordable price.


 In keeping with the times and latest trends, Ireka strives to continuously introduce new designs and lifestyle features in all its developments.


 Projects are designed to meet customers’ need and reduce wasted space.


 Bearing in mind the needs and lifestyles of customers, zenZ properties incorporate security measures as well as facilities such as a gym, as these are now essential components of today’s lifestyle.


 Additional effort is put into the design of all zenZ developments to ensure each project is environmentally friendly.

Rimbun Kasia, the Masterpiece of zenZ Concept.

An extension of the i-Zen properties, the zenZ brand is featuring modern design plus practical touches that do not compromise on style.

We ensure all the zenZ homebuyers are given a top-quality home that highlight 3 essential element, which are functional designs, effective space and comfort at affordable prices.